Next StudyLab : 15 to 18 October 2022 in Brussels, Belgium


Dear ENTO Members,

After two long years of COVID situation that forced us to work by distance meeting, we are glad to invite you to the next ENTO Studylab that will be held from 15 to 18 October 2022 in Brussels, Belgium.

Hereafter, you will find the programme of the event.

In collaboration with ERAP (Regional Administration Public School).

The Regional School of Public Administration is a key partner of local authorities in Brussels. It supports them in their desire for excellence in public management.

ERAP therefore offers them its consultancy and coaching services, free tools and an extensive training catalogue. These programs are specifically oriented towards governance and the missions of the public service.

Saturday 15th Octobre 2022 – Day 1

13:15 PM : ERAP (rue Capitaine Crespel 35, 1050 Ixelles), for a ride from ERAP to Waterloo

2 PM : Welcome and meeting with local authorities (location to be determined)

3 PM : Visit « Waterloo 1815 », mémorial de la bataille de Waterloo 1815

4:30 PM : Visit micro brewery and distillery Brewery Mont-Saint-Jean

6 PM : Dinner at Brewery Mont-Saint-Jean

8:30 PM : Back to Brussels (ERAP) et free time

Sunday 16th Octobre 2022 – Day 2

10:30 AM : discover et visit the Grand-Place (Brussels) « Les Mystères de la Grand-Place » (Brussels City Hall)

What does this compass recently placed at the top of the Louve mean? Why these messages in Latin, with capital letters right in the middle of the words? Why does the King of Spain wear number 1? Why does this fox’s tail look like a cannonball? Why this name of Maison du Roy when no king has ever set foot there? Why, why, why… So many mysteries to discover on the Grand-Place!

12 PM : Lunch (around the Grand-Place)

14:10 PM : Art Nouveau guided tour

The “Art Nouveau” guided tour in Brussels (by Bravo Discovery) has been designed to allow you to revisit the whole history of Art Nouveau. During this guided walk you will visit the most emblematic houses and monuments of Art Nouveau.

4:30 PM : Free time

7 PM : Dinner

Monday 17th Octobre 2022 – Day3

9 AM : ERAP – Welcoming participants

9:30 AM : Launch of the morning by Valérie Dierkens, Director of ERAP and Pierre Petit, President of ENTO and Director-Advisor for Training at the Training Regional Council (CRF)

10 AM – 12:30 PM : Conferences

  • Non-recourse to rights and insecurity: cross-approaches and responsibility of public authorities

Based on the observations made by the Health and Social Observatory, the intervention will generally focus on the mechanisms of precariousness, invisibilization, temporalities, the non-use of social rights and the dematerialization of public services mainly in the Brussels Region

Speaker: Laurence Noel

Sociologist (ULB), she has conducted several researches on different forms and situations of precariousness and/or potentially precarious contexts. Currently, L. Noël works at the Health and Social Observatory more specifically on the development of the Brussels Report on the state of poverty and remains a scientific collaborator at the Free University of Brussels.


  • An innovative Belgian solution: “Experts by experience”.

Presentation of the federal system “Experts by experience” by the SPP Social integration. The Experts by Experience in Poverty and Social Exclusion service contributes to improving access to fundamental social rights for partner services, both in public services and in health sector agencies. The objective is to facilitate access to fundamental social rights for every citizen. Presentation of the service, its missions and visions, its methodology and its fields of action.

Speakers : Frédéric Lemaire

Coordinator of the Service Experts by experience in matters of poverty and social exclusion

Alicia Spitaels

Head of the Service Experts by experience in matters of poverty and social exclusion

12:30 PM : Lunch (ERAP)

2 PM : Ento’s General Assembly  

4 PM : Free time

7 PM : Dinner

Tuesday 18th Octobre 2022 – Day 4

10:45 AM : Visit of the European Parliament (rue Wiertz 60 B-1047 Bruxelles)

12:45 PM : Lunch

2:15 PM : Exhibition in Maison de l’Histoire européenne (rue Belliard 135, 1000 Bruxelles)

« When the walls speak »

Born in Europe at the end of the 19th century, the illustrated poster reflects an increasingly commercial world, then a world in which political ideologies are opposed. By their size and their imposing presence, the posters conquered the public space and participated in shaping the urban landscape. The posters are ephemeral and designed for a specific moment, but many elements are recycled and have become part of the cultural memory, so that they still resonate today. From the propaganda of the two World Wars and the Cold War to the explosion of cultural exchanges, the rise of tourism and the emergence of heterogeneous social movements after the Second World War, the selection of posters from the collection of the House of European History bears witness to a complex intertwining of European division and unity. These posters bear witness to the development and transformation of the public sphere in European cities. They show the major evolutions in the aesthetics of European posters over time, as well as the parallels, correlations and interrelationships between posters from different countries.

4 PM : Free time and end of the Study Lab

For organizational reasons, we kindly ask you to confirm your presence before September 30, in the following link: General Assembly and Studylab 2022 – Registration form (

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