2019 StudyLab

In 2019 ENTO StudyLab was splitted in 2 different events:

  • on 3-5 July the first event took place in Strasbourg and it gave the chance to get directly in contact with European Institutions, specifically the Council of Europe  and the European Union Parliament. In the EU Parliament there was the chance to visit the first meeting after 2019 elections.

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  • on 3-5 October the second event took place in Georgia, a country which is looking attentive at Europe for building up its own future.

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We titled 2019 ENTO StudyLab “Europe, from the hearth to local and back“. That is not just evocative of the phisical trip we underwent, from Strasbourg and the European Institutions to Georgia, a country at the border of geographical Europe.

It is a title that explicit the proposition to know better how the relationship between the “hearth” and the “local” has been woorking in political, institutional and administrative terms.


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