2021 ENTO StudyLab

Photo by Robin Ulrich on Unsplash


7-9 October 2021

It is time to restart meeting!

One year later because of the pandemic Istituto della formazione continua, ENTO, and the partners of the Interreg Project “GovernaTIVA” are very happy to welcome you to the StudyLab 2021 in Ticino (Switzerland).

StudyLabs have always been events for meeting, visiting on field and sharing.

After Slavutich-Chernobil (Ukraine), Strasbourg (France)-Kehl (Germany) and Tbilisi (Georgia), this time it is up to Ticino (Switzerland) to host a new StudyLab.

As usual, the 2021 StudyLab focuses on a specific topic.

Today, it sounds useful to think about how local governance, and consequently training for local authorities, is going to change, considering lessons learned from the “stress test” represented by pandemic.

That’s why the title chosen for 2021 edition is: “Local governance: what’s next?

Specifically, we will dive in 6 main streams:

A) Local governance and digitalisation: how to speed up digitalization in local PA?

B) Local governance and sustainability: how to foster collective commitment?

C) Local governance and partnerships: which effective procedures within the existing legal framework?

D) Local governance and political participation: how to make local political offices more attractive?

E) Local governance and good governance: what can make decision-making more effective?

F) Training in local governance: what’s next?

We will start discussing what each of us is doing to cope with such challenges; that will offer us the chance to get acquainted one each other and hopefully to develop common and more effective strategies for the future.  


2019 StudyLab

In 2019 ENTO StudyLab was splitted in 2 different events:

  • on 3-5 July the first event took place in Strasbourg and it gave the chance to get directly in contact with European Institutions, specifically the Council of Europe  and the European Union Parliament. In the EU Parliament there was the chance to visit the first meeting after 2019 elections.

More information here

  • on 3-5 October the second event took place in Georgia, a country which is looking attentive at Europe for building up its own future.

More information here

We titled 2019 ENTO StudyLab “Europe, from the hearth to local and back“. That is not just evocative of the phisical trip we underwent, from Strasbourg and the European Institutions to Georgia, a country at the border of geographical Europe.

It is a title that explicit the proposition to know better how the relationship between the “hearth” and the “local” has been woorking in political, institutional and administrative terms.


2018 StudyLab

Hereafter some information about past 2018 ENTO StudyLab.

In 2018 ENTO decided to commit in developing a new concept of StudyLab which can be a real learning and sharing opportunity for trainers, directors of training institutions, graduate and under-graduate students, local politicians and civil servants.

We started with a great location: Slavutych (Ukraine).

The city was built in 1986 shortly after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, to provide homes for those who had worked at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and their families. They were evacuated from the abandoned city of Pripyat.

What a better location to face the topic of “Cities in transition: cultural and physical renovation and regeneration”?

The StudyLab format is expected to be declined each year in a different nation/region by one or more ENTO members. 

A special thanks goes to the Organization Committee, who took the lead to organize the first edition of the StudyLab and, of course, to the City of Slavutych in the person of its Mayor, Mr.Yurii Fomichev, for hosting and leading us in the discovery of their place.

Let’s start discovering Slavutych: here are some information from Wikipedia

Here some information and pictures about